“Maulana” Fazlul Rehman given second life by an Ahmadi / “مولانا کا احمدی حضرات کا ”بائيکاٹ

“Maulana” Fazlul Rehman needs no introduction to Pakistanis. He appears as a religious scholar of sort however no one has witnessed this scholarship as yet. He is renowned more for his political jugglery.
Recently Maulana had a heart trouble and needed angioplasty. The operation was carried out successfully in a private hospital in Lahore by Dr Mubashar Ahmad who came especially from US for this purpose.  Ironically Dr Mubashar Ahmad is an Ahmadi! Here (in Urdu) is the news that puts it this way;

“وہ (يعنی مولانا) ایک ایسی جماعت کے سربراہ ہیں جو احمدیوں کے خلاف مہم چلانے والوں میں پیش پیش ہے لیکن وہ اپنا علاج اسی مسلک سے تعلق رکھنے والے معالج سے کراسکتے ہیں۔”

Maulana who would not accept Ahmadis at “Qaleedee” (key) posts in Pakistan is quite happy to entrust his own life in the hands of an Ahmadi. Also Maulana who would normally advocate boycotting Ahamdis in every sphere, is in no mood of boycotting this Ahmadi when Maulana’s own benefit is involved. Lucky for the doctor, Maulana survived…or it would have been another Qadiani conspiracy.


17 Responses to ““Maulana” Fazlul Rehman given second life by an Ahmadi / “مولانا کا احمدی حضرات کا ”بائيکاٹ”

  1. Maulana Sab dosnt like AHMADIS then why he went to the Ahmadi Doctor. Did he know about Him or Not?

  2. According to BBC, the doctor is a friend of Ch Pervaiz so Ch Pervaiz must know too. It is also now in International media that the doctor is Ahmadi, but no response from Maulana.

  3. Me too an AHmaid guy, but problem is that, why MAULANA sab. went to Ahmadi Doctor but he is the DAMN ENEMY of US …

  4. Good question Adeel. If only Maulana would now care to clarify his position.

    I have just come across the fact that now Ch Shujaat has gone to NY to have his check up by none other than the same Dr Mubashar! Reported in Daily Khbarain of 14 march 2007.

  5. […] A few weeks ago “Mualana” Fazlul Rehman had his heart op by Dr Mubashar (an Ahmadi). Here is the relevant […]

  6. Ah,, very intresting,,,,,, Its the fact that We (AHMADIS) are now imporving our status in the WORLD, MASHAALLAH

  7. Adeel! Ahmadi Nahi 1 Ahmadi Ki Jaan Bachai Na K Kisi Musalmaan Ki, Kahawat Hai Matlab K Waqt Ghaday Ko Bhi Baap Banana Parhta Hai, So Fazlu Ne Tou Sirf Apne Se Chotay Se Madad Chahi Wo Tou Us Se Bhi Bara AHMADI Hai.

  8. It is very shameful for Pakistani Mulaz because they have declared Ahmadis Non Muslims and they are still dependent on Ahmadis. The 60 yeared History of Pakistan says that the contribution of ahmadis is uncountable but is silent because ahmadis dont need appreciation of Pakistani Government and Public. They are true representatives of Allah, therefore they are Selfless. It is the generous contribution of one doctor, who ignored Mulana Haterd for Ahmaddyat, but there are million of ahmadi contributions, sacrifices and achievements……

    have you forgotton Ch. Zafar ullah Khan, the first Pakistani Presedent of UN. Who was he! No one knows him because he was Ahmadi and it was only because of Truthfullness of Ahmaddiyat that he acheived this State. And can you ignore First and Last Noble Prized Scientist of Pakistan. Dr. Abdussalam was Ahmadi but true Pakistani. He started Nuclear Programm for Pakistan. But Nation forgot him. Dr Abdul Qadeer tried to get all acheivements but Allah, Who knows the depth of every matter, gave Qadeer his reward. Now Qadeer is caged and living a miserable loife full of insults.

    And what is happening in Parliament of Pakistan since 1974. they have no peace and calm because this parliament declared Ahmadi Non muslims. Now all of them are damned.

    These are some clues to understand and realize truthfullness of Ahmaddiyat.

    with best regards.
    A Proud Ahmadi

  9. hy guys check this Intresting VIDEO ABOUT MOLANA ASLAM QURESHI

  10. ahmad el sherif

    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !

  11. […] undergoing angioplasty after a heart attack insisted on being treated by one of the world’s best heart surgeons Dr Mubashar Ahmed – a Pakistani expatriate , a Ahmadi by religion. Fazal Ul rehman and his late father mufti mehmood […]

  12. i want to be ahmaddi pls reply me on
    meforlove77@gmail.com i am waiting for you

  13. Salam,molana is waqt kay intayhae baygayrat,waqti faeday kay liay sab ka sab kuch qurban kardaynay walay,hamayshah eqtidaar main rehnay ki khuwahish rakhnay walay,andar say shaytaan honay kay bawajood oupar say momin bannay walay,oorat ki hukmarani ko bura keh kar us main apna hissa mil ja nay kay baad khamoosh ho janay walay,Islam ka naam laykar ,aik zahiri mazhabi party bana kar syasat karnay walay INSAAN numa INSAAN hain.

  14. As far as I know, Ahmadies never show any kind of hatred to anybody. I have some very close friends who are Ahmadies and they never encourage any kind of hatred or revenge even to their enemies. My Ahmadi friends used to say that they have been taught to be so. They always believe in peace and also are very loyal to the nation. I still don’t k now why we are hunting them for no reason. I still do not believe in everything what they believe. But I have no second opinion in one thing. They are living like true muslims. They are very patriotic. They are sincere and honest in dealings. We have atleast something to learn from them. It is shame that we don’t have brilliant doctor like Dr Mubashir in Pakistan now.

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