New Pakistani Flag

New Pakistani Flag

Since we have virtually eliminated minorities from Pakistan we might as well remove the white area in our flag that supposedly represents them. The result is shown above and is obviously stunning, just as Pakistan is without minorities.

PS: The above is sarcasm as hopefully most people would have realised already.


10 Responses to “New Pakistani Flag”

  1. How about this one?

  2. Pakistani Non Muslim: There are no rights for any minorities in Pakistan

    Pakistani Muslim: I beg to differ sir, even in our flag there is a white portion representing the minorities in Pakistan.

    Pakistani Non Muslim: Yes, thats absolutely correct, and the pole is inserted up that portion as well!

  3. it is worng

    What the hell is this………. Our Pakistani flag will never be like this…… In our country there r non Muslims and we have respect that doesn’t mean we would do any cruility with Non-Muslims only b.c of few illiterate people….

    Our flag will be like as b4….. I reject this so called new flag…Where s the problem that if we could solve…. we have to stand united and work otherwise we will never understand each other……….

  5. No Minorities? wait soon there will be no majorities too, your days are ending

  6. Alone in the universe leading others. non is equal to Pakistan.

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