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New Pakistani Flag

March 5, 2007

Since we have virtually eliminated minorities from Pakistan we might as well remove the white area in our flag that supposedly represents them. The result is shown above and is obviously stunning, just as Pakistan is without minorities. PS: The above is sarcasm as hopefully most people would have realised already. Advertisements

Short History of Pakistan / پاکستان کی مختصر ترین تاریخ

February 23, 2007

وسعت اللہ خان 2007-02-22, 12:54 11اگست 1947۔ آج کے بعد مملکتِ خداداد میں ہندو ہندو نہیں رہے گا۔ عیسائی عیسائی نہیں اور مسلمان مسلمان نہیں۔ مذہبی معنوں میں نہیں بلکہ سیاسی معنوں میں۔ ریاست کے نزدیک سب لوگ بلا امتیازِ مذہب و ملت برابر کے شہری ہوں گے۔ (قائداعظم کا آئین ساز اسمبلی سے خطاب) […]

Remembering Faiz Ahmad Faiz / يادِ فيض

February 13, 2007

Today is Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s 96th birthday. If you, like me, feel indebted to him or are a fan of his poetry then please read this excellent post by Adil Najam on All things Pakistan. Happy birthday! Faiz. !فيض سالگرہ مبارک

“Maulana” Fazlul Rehman given second life by an Ahmadi / “مولانا کا احمدی حضرات کا ”بائيکاٹ

February 6, 2007

“Maulana” Fazlul Rehman needs no introduction to Pakistanis. He appears as a religious scholar of sort however no one has witnessed this scholarship as yet. He is renowned more for his political jugglery. Recently Maulana had a heart trouble and needed angioplasty. The operation was carried out successfully in a private hospital in Lahore by Dr […]

Rickshaw, rickshaw everywhere… / …جدھر ديکھتا ہوں تو ہی تو ہے

February 4, 2007

OK everyone has it so I need to have it too. This is the Rickshaw which is the talk of the town if you consider this world a town. First here it is; Now for my comments, I agree with Bilal Zuberi that message is sarcastic but I want to add that it has a sense […]